ZF Monterrey Plant Drives Innovation in Electronic Component Production

ZF, a leading technology company in the automotive industry, has launched its Electronics & ADAS division’s production of cutting-edge electronic components and assisted driving systems at its new plant in Monterrey, Mexico. This facility, located in Nuevo Leon, marks ZF’s first manufacturing venture in the state and aims to enhance occupant safety in passenger vehicles through advanced electronics.

With a workforce of 120 employees, the Monterrey plant has commenced mass production of the Smart Camera 4.8, a groundbreaking monocular camera equipped with a 100-degree horizontal field of view and a high-resolution 1.8-megapixel image sensor. This technology enables critical functions such as Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), and Lane Keeping Assist (LKA). Furthermore, the facility will soon initiate the production of IBC2 Brake Control Systems.

Miguel Acuña, the Plant Manager of ZF Monterrey, expresses his enthusiasm for contributing to the mobility transformation: “ZF is leading the transformation of mobility with technology for electric and autonomous vehicles. Delivering for this transformation is a great challenge and a privilege for the Monterrey team.” Acuña highlights the team’s meticulous preparation over the past two years to ensure efficient and safe operations aligned with ZF’s best practices and industry standards.

Notably, the Monterrey plant becomes ZF’s first facility in Mexico dedicated to manufacturing the Smart Camera 4.8. This groundbreaking product is also produced in ZF plants located in the United States, Europe, and Asia, showcasing its global significance.

The ZF Electronic Systems Monterrey plant forms part of a larger multifunctional campus in Monterrey, encompassing various divisions such as Information Technology, Materials Management, Finance, Human Resources Operations, and Sustainability. This comprehensive project serves ZF’s entire North American region and includes the company’s inaugural Research and Development Center in Mexico. By 2025, this R&D center is projected to employ over 1,000 skilled engineers, reinforcing ZF’s commitment to technological advancement and innovation.