Yamaha Motor Launches Premium High-efficiency Dual-lane Modular YRM20DL

Yamaha Motor Europe Robotics SMT Section announced today that the new YRM20DL surface mounter will be launched on April 3, 2023.

The YRM20DL is a premium high-efficiency modular that achieves improved actual and per-unit-area productivity with a newly developed high-rigidity dual-lane conveyor by further reducing transport losses etc. YRM20DL is built on the basic performance of the company’s flagship high-speed, high-accuracy, high-versatility, universal mounter YRM20.

YRM20DL supports a maximum PCB width of up to 330mm where the same width PCB is being conveyed at the front and rear while in dual-lane production mode. In the case of parallel mounting, the front and rear heads can operate without any interference up to a maximum PCB length of 380mm, enabling high-efficiency mounting without loss.

Furthermore, the basic performance of the unit has been further enhanced to achieve an overwhelming productivity of 120,000 CPH*3 (under optimal conditions)*2, the world’s highest level of speed in its class, along with a higher-accuracy placement of ±15µm (Cpk≥1.0) through the revision of the layout such as bringing the mounted components pick-up area and the mounting area closer together, optimizing the main spindle motion control, improving the rigidity of the conveyor and the corrective functionality etc. 

Yamaha Motor has realized the ideal concept of a 1 STOP SMART SOLUTION by taking advantage of the company’s strengths as a full-lineup manufacturer of mounting equipment, including surface mounters, printers, dispensers, and inspection systems. The company promotes the Intelligent Factory system, which comprehensively realizes higher efficiency in the mounting process through smooth and advanced inter-equipment cooperation without black boxes.