Yamaha Adds AI to measure LED position to 3D AOI YRi-V

Yamaha Robotics’ YRi-V 3-D AOI has been upgraded for faster board handling, multi-component alignment checking, and enhanced LED coplanarity measurement.

New stopperless transfer system brakes and stabilizes each board electronically after it enters the machine, dramatically lessening the time normally needed to position the assembly for inspection. The cumulative time saving accelerates the completion of every batch and significantly increases overall productivity.

New multi-component alignment check simplifies programming, to measure distances between arrayed parts such as LED emitters in automotive or general lighting. When building automotive headlamps, users can leverage the captured AOI data to individually optimize the placement of beam-focusing lenses for maximum lighting performance. Alignment check can verify spacings among many other types of components, such as Hall sensors for precision motion control. Upgraded height measurement system, using a blue laser, ensures accurate and repeatable measurements for components that are difficult to capture with standard equipment.

Measuring LED position

It can measure the LED position, which requires accurate position measuring from the benchmark. Measuring tests made possible thanks to the highly robust frame.

Correct-distance inspection
Whether the object in question is mounted at the correct distance from the benchmark
Relative angle inspection from the benchmark line
Whether the object in question is mounted without rotating from the benchmark line
Source: https://global.yamaha-motor.com/business/smt/inspectionsystem/yri-v/feature/

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