Why Manufacture In Tijuana, Mexico?

Tijuana, Mexico, is an attractive location for foreign investment due to its diverse and multicultural population, skilled labor force, and advanced manufacturing capabilities. The city has a number of university centers that prepare students for careers in the industry, and more than 50% of high schools offer technical education. Tijuana is known for its ability to perform advanced manufacturing processes, and the talent and skills of its people allow for the development of complex and innovative processes. The proximity of Tijuana to the United States, combined with the speed of delivery and distribution of materials, as well as the cost of settlement and permits, make it an appealing option for businesses seeking to save on costs. Tijuana is a city full of possibilities for those willing to invest in it.

Tijuana is the center of the television industry. Tijuana encompasses every manufacturing sector, from aerospace to medical devices. Learn about Tijuana’s dedicated manufacturing workforce and everything they offer for manufacturing excellence and success.

Tijuana is a major city in Baja California, Mexico that has significant economic and industrial influence throughout the country. Located on the border with San Diego, California, Tijuana is home to over 600 maquiladoras, or factories that import raw materials and components for assembly or manufacturing, which service a wide range of industries including automotive, electronics, consumer products, industrial, aerospace, and medical devices. In fact, Tijuana has the highest concentration of medical device manufacturers in all of North America and the largest concentration of aerospace maquiladoras in Mexico.

Manufacturing is the primary source of growth for the city, and this has attracted more than 80,000 new residents each year. The manufacturing industry in China has been declining due to rising wages and transportation costs, while manufacturing in Mexico is experiencing an explosion of growth due to lower labor costs. Tijuana is particularly well-positioned to benefit from this trend.

The industrial real estate market in Tijuana is abundant and offers manufacturers a range of options, including the ability to buy land and build a custom factory, lease an existing building, or choose a build-to-suit option. The infrastructure in Tijuana is also well-developed, with highways in place to support the transportation of goods from the maquiladoras to the United States and reliable power and broadband connectivity throughout the city.

Tijuana has a large pool of labor, ranging from unskilled assembly workers to highly trained professionals. Additionally, the city has a high concentration of English-speaking residents, which can make communication and training easier for foreign managers and visitors. The labor unions in Tijuana are also considered to be “white unions,” which means they are generally friendly towards employers.