Why Manufacture in Queretaro, Mexico?

The city of Queretaro, located just two hours from Mexico City, has become a major hub for the aerospace industry in recent years. The state of Queretaro, which is one of Mexico’s smallest, is a significant contributor to the country’s manufacturing output, with manufacturing accounting for 18% of its GDP. The state’s GDP has also seen an increase of 5.7%. The strong industrial sector and high quality of life in Queretaro have attracted a large influx of workers from other states and countries seeking employment in manufacturing plants, particularly in the aerospace and automotive industries.

One of the main reasons manufacturers are attracted to Queretaro is its well-established industrial clusters, which have drawn in infrastructure investments, people, and suppliers for decades. The state is home to more than 100 Tier 1 automotive companies and 200 Tier 2 manufacturers, as well as two aerospace original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and over 25 Tier 1 and Tier 2 aerospace suppliers. The focus on developing a skilled workforce for these industries has led to the growth of 41 technical schools and 74 higher education institutions, including the Aeronautic University of Queretaro, which has graduated over 8,000 students through its technician, engineering, and Master’s degree programs. In addition, more than 50 public and private research and development (R&D) centers in the state are driving innovation to support complex manufacturing processes.

As the manufacturing center in Queretaro has grown, it has attracted a large number of workers to the state. Each day, more than 60 people move to Queretaro, contributing to the state’s consistently growing population, which recently surpassed 1.3 million people. The average age of this growing workforce is around 27 years old.

In addition to its strong manufacturing industry, Queretaro is also known for its safe environment and high quality of life. These factors, along with the state’s abundance of skilled workers and established industrial clusters, have made Queretaro an attractive location for foreign manufacturers.

Queretaro Manufacturing Facts

  • 624 plants, 18 industrial parks
  • Local international airport in Queretaro
  • Nearest port of entry (Gulf of Mexico): Altamira, Tamps
  • Closest U.S. city: Laredo, Texas
  • Labor turnover rate: 4-6%
  • Foreign Direct Investment: USD $655M (JAN-JUN 2022)
  • Exports: USD $14.6B (2021)
  • A highly skilled workforce with stable union activity, low turnover rate