ViTrox Americas Opens Demo Lab in Hutto, Texas

ViTrox Americas Opens Demo Lab in Hutto, Texas

HUTTO, TX — ViTrox Americas Inc. is proud to announce the opening of its new demo lab in Hutto, Texas. This cutting-edge facility is now ready for demonstrations and evaluations, showcasing ViTrox’s latest innovations in 3D inspection technology. The demo lab is designed to offer an immersive and hands-on experience, allowing customers to interact with ViTrox’s latest innovations and understand how these solutions can enhance their quality control and inspection processes.

Sy Creed, Business Development Director at ViTrox Americas, expressed his enthusiasm about the new facility, stating, “We are thrilled to open our new demo lab in Hutto, Texas. This state-of-the-art facility will allow our customers to see the exceptional performance and capabilities of ViTrox’s inspection solutions firsthand. Our goal is to provide a space where customers can thoroughly evaluate our technology and witness the value it brings to their manufacturing processes.”

The new ViTrox Americas demo lab is equipped with advanced systems including the V310i for 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI). This system provides precise 3D solder paste inspection, ensuring accurate solder volume measurements and defect detection, which helps improve process control and product quality in SMT assembly lines.

For 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), the lab features the V510i SMT AOI designed for standard SMT assembly. This AOI system offers high-speed, high-accuracy inspection of surface mount components, detecting defects such as missing components, soldering issues and placement errors. The V510i SEMI AOI tailored for advanced packaging provides thorough inspection of complex semiconductor packages, ensuring the highest quality standards in advanced packaging applications. Additionally, the V510i Micro AOI specialized for wire bond and die inspection ensures precise and reliable detection of defects in microelectronic assemblies.

ViTrox’s 3D Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI) capabilities are represented by the V810i S2 EX. This high-performance 3D AXI system offers comprehensive inspection capabilities for detecting hidden solder joints and component defects, which is crucial for ensuring the integrity of complex PCB assemblies.

For Final Assembly, Conformal Coating and Post Selective Inspection (FAI/ACI/SSI), the V9i system is available. This versatile system provides thorough inspection of final assemblies, conformal coatings, and post-selective soldering, ensuring the highest quality in the final stages of production.

By providing live demonstrations and hands-on evaluations, ViTrox aims to help customers understand the capabilities and benefits of their systems, ultimately driving improvements in production quality and efficiency.

To setup a demo or evaluation, contact Sy Creed at 336-210-0135 or

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HUTTO, TX — ViTrox Americas Inc. anuncia con orgullo la apertura de su nuevo laboratorio de demostración en Hutto, Texas. Esta instalación de vanguardia está lista para demostraciones y evaluaciones, mostrando las últimas innovaciones de ViTrox en tecnología de inspección 3D. El laboratorio ofrece una experiencia inmersiva y práctica, permitiendo a los clientes interactuar con las innovaciones de ViTrox y comprender cómo estas soluciones pueden mejorar sus procesos de control e inspección de calidad.

Sy Creed, Director de Desarrollo de Negocios en ViTrox Americas, expresó su entusiasmo por la nueva instalación, destacando que permitirá a los clientes ver de primera mano el rendimiento y las capacidades excepcionales de las soluciones de inspección de ViTrox. El laboratorio está equipado con sistemas avanzados como el V310i para la Inspección de Pasta de Soldadura en 3D (SPI) y el V510i SMT AOI para la inspección óptica automatizada en 3D (AOI).

El sistema V510i SEMI AOI está diseñado para empaquetado avanzado y ofrece una inspección exhaustiva de paquetes semiconductores complejos. La capacidad de inspección automatizada en 3D con rayos X (AXI) está representada por el V810i S2 EX, que detecta uniones de soldadura ocultas y defectos de componentes. Además, el sistema V9i proporciona una inspección completa de ensamblajes finales, revestimientos conformes y soldadura selectiva.

ViTrox busca ayudar a los clientes a entender las capacidades y beneficios de sus sistemas a través de demostraciones en vivo y evaluaciones prácticas, mejorando la calidad y eficiencia de la producción. Para programar una demostración, contacte a Sy Creed al 336-210-0135 o