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TEEMA’s Continued Investment in Chihuahua – Taiwan and Mexico Strengthens Relations

TEEMA, the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturer’s Association, is exploring new investment opportunities in Chihuahua, Mexico. Representatives recently met with Governor María Eugenia Campos to discuss future projects that could bolster the state’s economic and technological landscape.

For over two decades, TEEMA companies such as Pegatron, Foxconn, Inventec, and Wistron have significantly contributed to Chihuahua’s industrial sector. Specializing in semiconductors, these firms have established comprehensive production and value chains within the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) process. Their operations include the procurement of raw materials for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and Assembly Testing Packaging (ATP) processes.


Governor Campos expressed her gratitude towards TEEMA for its unwavering trust in Chihuahua, highlighting the mutual benefits from this long-standing partnership. She noted the state’s ongoing efforts to attract new investments through Nearshoring, an approach facilitated by the Ministry of Innovation and Economic Development. This initiative aims to leverage the geographical proximity and economic advantages to draw global manufacturing companies.

Richard Lee, president of TEEMA, acknowledged the state’s supportive environment for the manufacturing sector. He praised the collaborative efforts that provide stability and growth potential for the industry. Presently, Ciudad Juarez stands out as a leading hub in the automation industry, driven by the presence of key players like Foxconn, which manufactures computer motherboards and vehicle boards for Tesla. Inventec focuses on computer and server production, Pegatron on computers for vehicles, and Wistron on servers, solidifying Chihuahua’s position as a top manufacturing state in national exports.

Moreover, Chihuahua’s educational institutions prioritize technological branches, ensuring a steady supply of skilled professionals to support the electronics manufacturing sector. This strategic focus aligns with the state’s ambition to enhance its role in the global electronics integration landscape.

Resumen en Español:

TEEMA y Chihuahua refuerzan su alianza con nuevas inversiones que mejorarán el papel del estado en el sector de la fabricación de electrónicos a nivel global. La gobernadora María Eugenia Campos destacó los beneficios mutuos de esta colaboración. Richard Lee, presidente de TEEMA, elogió el entorno favorable para el sector manufacturero en Chihuahua. Actualmente, Ciudad Juárez se destaca como líder en la industria de la automatización, con empresas clave como Foxconn, Inventec, Pegatron y Wistron operando en el estado. Las instituciones educativas de Chihuahua también priorizan las ramas tecnológicas para asegurar un flujo constante de profesionales capacitados.