TAXAN México Invests $40 Million in New Manufacturing Plant in San Luis Potosí

TAXAN Mexico, a Japanese-owned company that manufactures electronic cards, has begun construction of a new facility in San Luis Potosi’s Millenium Industrial Park to meet the demand for its products. The company’s $40 million investment in the new plant will double production from 500,000 to one million items per month. The plant will comply with the electronic industry’s ventilation, temperature, safety, and hygiene requirements.

TAXAN Mexico will also employ 500 people by March 2024 to reach a staff of 1,000. Engineers, electronic specialists, maintenance technicians, and new university graduates will all be included in the project. In addition to building a new plant, TAXAN Mexico’s human resources department will build a daycare center to assist mothers working for the company.

TAXAN Mexico has a capacity of eight automated assembly lines and plans to expand to 11 with the expansion. Mazda and Honda are among the companies that use TAXAN Mexico’s products, with a particular emphasis on vehicle headlights. They intend to manufacture electronic air conditioner cards for companies like Daikin in the near future.