Strengthening Mexico-Texas Business Ties: Nearshoring and Mortgage Market Resilience

Mexico and Texas share a promising business relationship, particularly in the context of nearshoring, where Mexico’s advantages in labor costs and global access complement Texas’s infrastructure and technology resources.

The Association of Mexican Entrepreneurs in the United States (AEM USA) is actively fostering this relationship, facilitating the integration of Mexican businesses into US supply chains.

Challenges like the 2026 T-MEC review and water scarcity loom, but proactive efforts are underway to navigate these hurdles and bolster bilateral relations.

In the mortgage sector, despite challenges like high housing prices, Mexico’s mortgage market remains robust, with players like Cibergestión leveraging technology to streamline processes.

The upcoming Cibergestión Summit 2024 will gather experts to discuss innovation in real estate financing across Ibero-America.

A recent meeting between Ana Botín, President of Grupo Santander, and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador underscores the commitment to supporting Mexico’s development.

Resumen en Español:

La relación comercial entre México y Texas se fortalece, especialmente en el contexto del nearshoring, mientras que el sector hipotecario en México muestra resistencia. Los esfuerzos proactivos están en marcha para abordar desafíos y fortalecer las relaciones bilaterales.