Sercomm Expands Manufacturing Footprint with New Facility in Tijuana, Mexico

Sercomm Corporation, a prominent manufacturer of telecom and broadband equipment, has recently unveiled its cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico. The establishment of this facility marks a significant milestone for Sercomm, showcasing its strategic approach and dedication to satisfying customer needs in the North American and LATAM markets.

Located near the US-Mexico border, the Tijuana facility offers valuable proximity to the target market, enabling enhanced supply chain responsiveness and real-time engineering engagement with broadband service providers. Specializing in professional video streaming products, the facility incorporates AI-enabled production lines to optimize quality control and labor productivity.

By adding the Mexico facility to its existing production bases in Taiwan, China, India, and the Philippines, Sercomm strengthens its regional presence and establishes a robust manufacturing hub. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the project was executed seamlessly, with the facility achieving full production capacity within just nine months.

“We made the strategic decision to establish the Tijuana facility in 2022 in response to the rapidly evolving demands of our North American and LATAM customers,” stated Sercomm Chairman James Wang in a press release. “The successful execution of this project during the pandemic reflects our operational excellence and unwavering commitment to close collaboration with our valued customers.”