Seica Premieres Compact LR Test Systems

STRAMBINO, ITALY — Seica announces the premiere of the Compact LR, the latest addition to Seica’s already well-known in-circuit bed of nails and functional test solutions included in the COMPACT Next line. 

Since years Seica’s COMPACT line of test systems are already the solution of choice for many contract manufacturers and OEMs, facing also Lean Production Requirements. 

New legacy replacement solution 

Compact LR provides additional legacy replacement capabilities for customers looking to replace test systems which are no longer supported by the original manufacturers. The brand-new configuration joins Seica’s existing legacy replacement solutions for in-circuit testers such as Aeroflex/Marconi as well as for functional testers including Computer Automation, Schlumberger/Factron, GR179X, and GR275X series, and Teradyne’s L2XX, and L3XX. 

The Compact LR on display addresses the challenge of allowing redeployment of Teradyne Spectrum 8851 and 8852 fixtures onto a modern platform which includes all of the technologically advanced performances required by new applications, while at the same time allowing developers to continue to use their traditional standard fixture design. 

All the systems of the Compact Line are comprehensive of the ACL synthesized drive and sense instruments and the VIVA management software; but if required the Compact Line systems may be controlled also by alternative software packages such as LabviewTM, LabWindowsTM/CVI and TestStandTM by National Instruments.

SEICA’s acclaimed VIVA software platform also includes a fast, streamlined process to automatically generate and debug a complete test program starting from the board CAD data, enabling the immediate test of the prototype board to detect any manufacturing errors. Functional tests can be created easily, on the fly, with the powerful QuickTest software, with only the knowledge of the circuit to be tested (and not necessarily the tester or programming language).