SEACOMP Expands Operations with New Tijuana Facility

SEACOMP, a prominent U.S.-based electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider, has unveiled a new 60,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico, significantly enhancing its capacity in the electronics manufacturing industry. The grand opening, celebrated on May 9, 2024, showcased SEACOMP’s commitment to innovation, collaboration, and sustainability.

This strategic move brings the company’s operations closer to its Carlsbad, California headquarters, promoting seamless collaboration across borders. SEACOMP CEO Michael Szymanski highlighted the benefits of this proximity, emphasizing the opportunities for hands-on teamwork and streamlined supply chain processes with North American partners.

The Tijuana facility, featuring 5,000 sq. ft. dedicated to PCB assembly, incorporates advanced technologies such as automated Surface Mount Technology (SMT) placement and reflow soldering. This investment bolsters SEACOMP’s capabilities in PCB smt assembly and other critical processes, reinforcing its position among top manufacturing and components manufacturing companies.

By establishing operations in Mexico, SEACOMP is set to diversify supply chains, reduce production costs and lead times, and foster direct collaboration throughout product development. This move aligns with the broader trend of utilizing AI in manufacturing and automation industry advancements to enhance efficiency and innovation.

The opening event attracted 115 partners, customers, and global employees, including executives from startups and established enterprises. This gathering underlined SEACOMP’s forward-thinking approach and its vision of transforming great ideas into great products.

Creating 100 new jobs in 2024, with a significant portion dedicated to skilled roles in engineering and management, SEACOMP is contributing to the local Tijuana economy. The company is dedicated to fostering talent through comprehensive training programs and ongoing development initiatives.

Furthermore, SEACOMP’s commitment to responsible production is evident in the facility’s design, which incorporates eco-friendly practices to minimize waste and reduce energy consumption. This focus on sustainability positions SEACOMP as a leader among global manufacturing companies, emphasizing the importance of environmental stewardship in modern manufacturing.

As SEACOMP books new projects in Mexico, its enhanced capabilities in electronics manufacturing products, board assembly, and silicon packaging, among other services, are poised to meet the evolving needs of the electronics source market. This expansion marks a significant milestone in SEACOMP’s journey, embodying its dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Resumen en Español:

SEACOMP ha inaugurado una nueva planta de manufactura de 60,000 pies cuadrados en Tijuana, México. Este movimiento estratégico permitirá una colaboración más cercana con su sede en Carlsbad, California, y diversificará las cadenas de suministro. La instalación, equipada con tecnología avanzada, creará 100 empleos en 2024, fomentando roles especializados en ingeniería y gestión. SEACOMP también se compromete con la producción responsable, incorporando prácticas ecológicas en su operación. La nueva planta subraya el compromiso de SEACOMP con la innovación, la colaboración y la satisfacción del cliente.