SCHUNK’s Investment Boosts Mexico’s Electronic Industry

SCHUNK, a leading manufacturer of gripping systems, is making a strategic move to support and expand the Mexican market, aiming to contribute to the growth of the electronic industry in the region. With 17 years of presence in Mexico, the German company plans to invest over 150 million pesos in the construction of a new building and industrial facility in the Innovation Technology Park of Querétaro.

The decision to invest in Mexico stems from the global rise of electric vehicles, which is revolutionizing manufacturing and machining processes. Recognizing Mexico’s potential as a key player in the machinery manufacturing market, especially for export to Central and South America, North America, and potentially Europe and Asia, SCHUNK sees Mexico as strategically located for business expansion.

Currently, the machines assembled in Querétaro are produced in Germany and China. However, with this investment, SCHUNK aims to bring Mexico’s manufacturing capabilities on par with its Asian counterparts within two years.

The project, set to be completed in 14 months, encompasses a land area of nearly 10,000 square meters. The three-story building will span approximately 3,000 square meters, housing training facilities, exhibition areas, a cafeteria, office space, and administration. The industrial facility, spanning around 5,000 square meters, will include an exhibition area displaying machines in production, a CoLab robotics application center for customer-specific developments, as well as production and assembly sections, initially operating at 50% capacity with room for future expansion.

SCHUNK INTEC currently employs 50 individuals in Querétaro, and this investment is expected to create approximately 250 additional jobs within the next two years. This presents an opportunity for skilled Mexican workers to contribute to the development of new technologies and innovations.

Mexico’s progress in the electronics and machinery sectors, combined with its skilled workforce and favorable market conditions, convinced SCHUNK to make this significant investment. The company aspires to establish itself as a leading manufacturer of tool holders, stationary clamping systems, gripping technology, automation technology, and panel separation machines in North America.

This endeavor marks a milestone for SCHUNK Mexico and the country’s manufacturing sector, as it will drive the development of clamping and automation solutions for both the Mexican and North American markets, utilizing a highly trained and motivated workforce dedicated to overcoming challenges and achieving success.

Investment details:

Investment: 150 million pesos
Job creation: Approximately 250 jobs
Total area: 9,382.1839 square meters