Rogers Corporation Announces New Factory in Monterrey, Mexico

Rogers Corporation (NYSE: ROG), a leading global provider of innovative material solutions, has announced its expansion into Monterrey, Mexico, with the lease of a new manufacturing facility dedicated to advanced busbar manufacturing and engineering services. Scheduled for completion by late 2024, the initial phase of the facility underscores Rogers’ commitment to bolstering its manufacturing presence strategically to align with customer needs in their respective regions.

The facility will focus on producing Rogers’ advanced ROLINX® busbars, which are integral components for efficient power distribution across various applications in electric and hybrid-electric vehicles (EV/HEV), renewable energy systems, mass transit vehicles, and industrial machinery. With a reputation for superior quality and reliability, Rogers’ ROLINX® busbars are favored by customers who value the company’s expertise in both electrical and mechanical engineering, co-engineering support, and adaptable lead times.

Jeff Tsao, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Advanced Electronics Solutions (AES) at Rogers Corporation, expressed enthusiasm about the expansion, stating, “We are excited to expand our presence in North America to better support our global customers and the growing EV/HEV and renewable energy markets in this region. Our new factory in Monterrey will enable us to better support our customers with deeper technical collaboration, and local prototyping and supply capabilities that reduce lead times and improve service levels.”

This strategic investment aligns with Rogers’ overarching strategy of supporting market growth by optimizing existing manufacturing capabilities and strategically investing in new capacities. By expanding into Monterrey, Rogers aims to capitalize on burgeoning opportunities within the region while strengthening its commitment to delivering innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of the automotive and renewable energy industries.

With the expansion into Monterrey, Rogers Corporation continues to demonstrate its dedication to driving technological advancements and supporting sustainable initiatives in the automotive and energy sectors. The new facility not only positions Rogers to better serve its North American customers but also underscores the company’s commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation in key growth markets.

Resumen en Español: 

Rogers Corporation, líder global en soluciones de materiales innovadores, ha anunciado su expansión hacia Monterrey, México, con la adquisición de una nueva instalación dedicada a la fabricación avanzada de barras colectoras y servicios de ingeniería. Programada para completarse a finales de 2024, esta expansión subraya el compromiso de Rogers de fortalecer su presencia manufacturera estratégicamente para satisfacer las necesidades de sus clientes en sus respectivas regiones. La instalación se centrará en la producción de las avanzadas barras colectoras ROLINX® de Rogers, componentes esenciales para la distribución eficiente de energía en diversas aplicaciones en vehículos eléctricos, híbridos eléctricos, sistemas de energía renovable, vehículos de transporte masivo y maquinaria industrial. Jeff Tsao, Vicepresidente Senior y Gerente General de Soluciones de Electrónica Avanzada (AES) en Rogers Corporation, expresó entusiasmo sobre la expansión, afirmando: “Estamos emocionados de ampliar nuestra presencia en América del Norte para servir mejor a nuestra clientela global y satisfacer la creciente demanda en los sectores de vehículos eléctricos/híbridos y energía renovable”.