Resilience and Optimism: July’s Uplift in Business Confidence within the Manufacturing Industry

In a testament to its enduring spirit, the manufacturing industry’s Business Confidence Indicator (BCI) forges ahead in July. According to the latest report by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), the BCI for the manufacturing sector marked a growth of 0.2 points when compared to the previous month of June.

In the context of the annual analysis, Inegi’s document elaborates that the Business Confidence Indicator for the manufacturing industry in July surged by 2.4 points in comparison to the same month in 2022.

Notably, the other sectors comprising the BCI also exhibited positive outcomes on an annual basis. Mirroring the manufacturing industry’s rise, the non-financial private services sector stood out with an 11.1-point increase, while the commerce sector advanced by 1.1 points and the construction sector grew by 3.4 points.

It’s worth recalling that the Business Confidence Indicators are formulated using data from the Monthly Business Opinion Survey (EMOE). These indicators provide insights into the perspectives of business executives in manufacturing, construction, commerce, and non-financial private services. They offer a nearly immediate understanding of the economic outlook for both the country and their respective enterprises after the conclusion of the reference month.

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