OLED Revolution: Surging Towards 50% Penetration in Smartphones by 2023

According to the latest report from TrendForce, OLED panels are set to capture over 50% of the smartphone market by 2023, driven by cost reductions. However, the penetration rate of OLEDs in TV, laptop, and tablet applications remains below 3%, presenting technical hurdles that demand attention for wider adoption.

One breakthrough technology is eLEAP by Japan Display Inc. (JDI), introducing a maskless technique that lowers power consumption, enhances brightness, and extends lifespan. It addresses key obstacles in high-generation OLED development, propelling efficient mass production and higher-generation panels.

Visionox, in parallel, showcased its maskless ViP technology, reducing pixel gaps and increasing OLED lifespan. Five advantages were identified, including enhanced manufacturing processes, increased pixel density, and potential for larger OLED applications.

Industry giants, such as Samsung, BOE, JDI, and HKC, have announced ambitious investments and strategic alliances to meet demand for medium-sized applications and expand OLED panel opportunities.

Although China’s AMOLED production capacity ranks second globally, oversupply challenges loom. The adoption of collaboration models and innovative technologies will shape the international competitiveness of OLED manufacturers in the next few years.

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