North American EMS Industry Shows Resilience with 3.4% Growth in July 2023

In its latest report, IPC has unveiled the July 2023 statistics for the North American Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry, painting a picture of steady growth. The book-to-bill ratio, a key indicator, stands strong at 1.27.

Compared to the same period last year, July 2023 witnessed a notable 3.4% surge in total North American EMS shipments. However, it’s worth noting that there was a slight dip of 0.7% in shipments compared to the preceding month of June.

June’s EMS bookings followed a slightly different trajectory, with a year-over-year decrease of 3.5%. On a more positive note, there was a 2.1% increase in bookings when compared to the previous month.

IPC’s Chief Economist, Shawn DuBravac, commented on the findings, stating, “The North American EMS industry experienced minimal change in July, with the year-to-date trend showing a pattern of weaker orders but stronger shipments.”

These statistics indicate the EMS industry’s ability to weather fluctuations and maintain a steady course, reflecting resilience and adaptability in a dynamic market.