Nidec installs complete Yamaha line in new Mexico factory

NIDEC MOEN (Motion & Energy) Division, based in St. Louis, MO, has installed a complete Yamaha line featuring the latest F4.0 Software, M2M, and Traceability and Monitoring tools in their recently opened factory in Monterrey, Mexico. The line was provided and installed by Yamaha Motor USA’s Industrial Robots and SMT Division.

“We’re extremely honored and proud to be part of this amazing project. This is the 4th Yamaha line we have installed in 3 countries across the world, giving NIDEC MOEN manufacturing the presence to support our customer base globally.”

Nick Cotton, Project Manager at NIDEC MOEN

With a pedigree dating back more than a century, NIDEC MOEN is a leading manufacturer of commercial motors, industrial motors, appliance motors, and controls. Their product line features a full line of U.S. MOTORS® brand high-efficiency motors for industrial applications in water treatment, mining, oil and gas, and power generation, and for commercial applications such as condensers, cooling towers, and large refrigeration units. NIDEC MOEN is recognized as a global leader in the design and manufacture of electric motors and integrated controls.

“Yamaha Industrial Robots and SMT Division is an innovator in the fields of surface mount manufacturing and robotics factory automation. We have enjoyed a long heritage of building upon our knowledge and advanced technologies since 1984. Our product lineup offers a wide range of industrial robots and automation products as well as full line surface mount solutions to meet or exceed our customers’ manufacturing needs.”

George Babka, Yamaha Sales General Manager