NEOTech Bolsters Quality Assurance with Expanded Lab in Mexico

NEOTech, a leading EMS provider, is taking a significant step towards elevating product quality assurance for its customers by expanding its failure analysis lab at the Agave manufacturing site in Juarez, Mexico. This move integrates the lab seamlessly into the manufacturing process, allowing NEOTech to identify even the most microscopic supplier or production defects, preventing unexpected issues with products in the field.

The resounding success of the failure analysis lab in Mexico sets the stage for similar labs to be established at NEOTech’s other manufacturing sites across Mexico and the United States. This strategic investment demonstrates NEOTech’s commitment to providing customers with a competitive edge, enabling the early detection and resolution of design or manufacturing flaws before they impact production volumes.

Kunal Sharma, President and Chief Operating Officer, highlighted, “Our team of engineers and technicians, all experts in product failure analysis, and our investment in top-of-the-line analysis equipment, gives our customers the advantage that we can analyze and identify design or manufacturing defects before they affect production volumes.”

In addition to its US manufacturing capabilities, NEOTech offers high-tech electronics manufacturing solutions in Mexico through its strategically positioned facilities.

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