Mycronic Intros Iris 3D AOI Technology

TÄBY, SWEDEN — Mycronic, the leading global provider of flexible PCB assembly solutions, is releasing its next-generation vision technology for 3D Automated Optical Inspection. Part of the latest MYPro I series 3D AOI, the Iris 3D vision technology is designed to capture images with the highest quality in the industry at speeds up to thirty percent faster than previous inspection systems, while providing even higher resolution.

Designed for demanding takt times

Takt times, the rate at which manufacturers need to complete a product to meet customer demand, continue to accelerate throughout advanced industries such as automotive and industrial electronics manufacturing. Yet, as components become smaller and assemblies increase in complexity, the speed and accuracy of electronics inspection is often a limiting factor. The new Iris vision technology has been specifically developed to overcome these challenges.

Accelerating high-performance inspection

Thanks to a new generation of laser scanners, image sensors and computing systems, Iris technology enables manufacturers to improve test coverage while capturing the industry’s highest-resolution images at speeds up to thirty percent faster than previous technologies.

Up to 30% higher scanning speed, double the pixels

“Many of the products our customers assemble are mission critical, for example in automotive control systems,” says Alexia Vey, Product Manager at Mycronic. “This means that defects are simply unacceptable despite demands for faster throughput. So, we need to constantly push the limits to enable faster takt times, higher first-pass yield and minimal false calls. Our new Iris 3D vision takes a ‘no compromises’ approach to both accuracy and cycle time. Not only does it offer scanning speeds up to 30% faster for the full inspection cycle – including image acquisition and processing – but it handles nearly twice as many pixels, ensuring even higher resolution.”

Developed together with leading manufacturers

Iris represents a completely new generation of 3D AOI vision technologies, combining a range of best-in-class scan head optics, laser and lighting systems to meet the needs of leading electronics manufacturers. “Our objective,” says Clemens Jargon, Senior VP High Flex, “is to continue our successful collaboration with tier-one EMSs and OEMs in high-reliability industries such as automotive, medical, aeronautics and industrial electronics to develop new ways to simultaneously improve productivity and efficiency. Iris makes it possible to improve these demanding production processes today while giving manufacturers a competitive edge for the future.

”The Iris 3D AOI vision technology is available to order on new MYPro I series 3D AOI systems. It is also available as a retrofit kit for existing K series 2D AOIs in need of an upgrade to 3D, as well as for K series 3D AOIs that demand improved processing speed.

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