Mexico’s Sustainable Tech Revolution: HP’s Circular Electronic Recycling Plants

In the district of Sorocaba, Brazil, HP’s Sinctronics and Flex plants are at the forefront of a sustainable technology revolution, with plans to replicate their success in Mexico. These circular electronic recycling plants are transforming discarded electronic devices into pellets that give life to new products. From printer cartridges to laptops, this process exemplifies the circular economy, extending the lifecycle of technological products by recycling at least 40% of hardware and 60% of supplies.

Through HP’s Planet Partners program, Brazilian consumers can have their old computers, printers, and cartridges collected for free and sent to the Sorocaba plant. There, workers sort and separate these elements, recovering an impressive 95% of metals and plastics. These recycled materials meet the same quality standards as virgin products, with at least 5% recycled material expected in all products launched in 2023. Mexico is next on the horizon for HP’s sustainable strategy, aiming to reduce emissions and advance sustainability goals in the region.

As part of their global sustainability strategy, HP’s investment in Brazil is set to expand to Mexico, marking the second country in the region to adopt this circular approach. The strategy includes recycling and reusing waste, use of renewable energy, and reforestation projects in the Amazon. The circular recycling plants in Sorocaba recycle 1,500 tons of electronic waste annually, significantly contributing to reducing emissions. With a focus on sustainability and product quality, HP’s recycling efforts are reshaping the tech industry and promoting a greener future for Mexico and beyond.

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