Mazatlán’s Manufacturing Surge: A Catalyst for Growth in Sinaloa’s Workforce

The arrival of Grupo Tetakawi in Mazatlán carries benefits not only for the port but also for the broader region, tapping into the labor force from areas like Rosario, Concordia, and Escuinapa, propelling a ripple effect of progress.

Luis Felipe Seldner Elías, President of Grupo Tetakawi, conveyed this during his talk titled “Nearshoring in Mazatlán: Shaping the Future of Manufacturing and Opportunities for All.” He highlighted Mazatlán’s assets – a deep-water port, tourism mobility, and exceptional air connectivity, with a pivotal focus on the abundant workforce.

“We’re set to begin operations by late March, early April 2024, which is just around the corner. This initiative will invigorate the market and pique the interest of others. Manufacturing is here to stay and to flourish,” Seldner Elías affirmed.

He further emphasized the multifaceted connectivity, be it maritime, rail, or road, making Mazatlán an easily accessible point for the United States, Canada, the Northern economic corridor, and the Bajío and Southern Mexico region.

Tetakawi’s scope encompasses four sectors ripe for workforce engagement: automotive, medical, electronics, and aerospace. The latter, with an international enterprise leading the charge, will kickstart operations, swiftly putting Mazatlán on the manufacturing map.

Originating from Sonora since 1986, Tetakawi’s presence extends to the US – McAllen, Texas, and Tucson, Arizona – and within Mexico – Guaymas, Hermosillo (Sonora), Saltillo (Coahuila), Querétaro, and a novel unit in the port city.

Their clientele includes names like Bae Systems, Blinds To Go, Bodycote, CooperStandard, Infinite, Medtronic, NAI, Nordson, Senior, TE, TITANX, and Unison, with more joining as the venture progresses.

Seldner Elías envisions Mazatlán evolving into an industrial city in the medium term, akin to examples like Hermosillo and Coahuila. These cities initially bolstered other sectors but transitioned to industry, a trajectory Mazatlán seems poised to replicate.

“This transformation will occur not only with the Eastern United States but also Southern Mexico. We’re banking on the potential for local suppliers to develop here, catering to major industrial cities such as Monterrey and Guanajuato. Querétaro, a mere 853 kilometers away, offers a strategic advantage. These assets lie untapped, and that’s why we’re here,” he emphasized.

Seldner Elías highlighted their communication with local universities from the outset, aiming to align company processes with educational offerings, thus reinforcing the manufacturing landscape. Grupo Tetakawi’s site will sprawl across approximately 40 hectares at the Estrella de Mar and Highway 15 junction, a strategic location for seamless access for Concordia, Villa Unión, Rosario, and Escuinapa’s workforce.

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