Littelfuse Expands Manufacturing Footprint in Mexico

Littelfuse, a leading components manufacturing company based in Chicago, IL, has inaugurated a new manufacturing plant in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico. This strategic move underscores Littelfuse’s commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction through innovation in the global industrial circuit protection sector while also emphasizing sustainability and local community investment.

A Milestone in Manufacturing Expansion

Peter Kim, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Industrial Business Unit at Littelfuse, remarked, “We’re very pleased to announce the opening of a new location in Piedras Negras. This not only allows us to further expand our manufacturing capabilities to meet the growing needs of the Industrial market but also reinforces our commitment to being an employer of choice in the community.”

The new 106,000-square-foot facility, doubling the local manufacturing capacity, is positioned near three other Littelfuse operations in the city. It boasts advanced automation systems that ensure precision and efficiency, offering a high degree of customization to meet specific client needs in various sectors such as renewable energy, data centers, telecommunications, commercial construction, HVAC, and OEMs in factory automation and industrial machines.

Innovation and Sustainability at the Core

Darrick Santa Maria, Vice President of Industrial Circuit Protection at Littelfuse, emphasized the importance of aligning services with customer demands in a technologically advancing market. “This new location allows us to better align our services with our customers’ demands in a cutting-edge and growing space. It was also important to us that we invested in equipment and processes that decrease our environmental impact and further our sustainability commitment.”

The facility is a model of sustainable design, incorporating water treatment processes that result in zero water consumption, smart air compressors, high-efficiency HVAC systems, safety relays, and LED lighting. These features not only reduce the environmental footprint but also enhance energy efficiency.

Enhancing Local Employment and Community Engagement

The new plant, staffed by 1,000 employees from nearby Littelfuse locations and new hires, is designed to be fully accessible and convenient to public transportation and daycare facilities. This enhances opportunities for career development and community outreach, reinforcing Littelfuse’s role as a significant employer and community supporter.


Littelfuse’s new plant in Piedras Negras represents a significant advancement in the company’s manufacturing capabilities and its commitment to sustainable practices. As global manufacturing companies continue to evolve, Littelfuse’s investment in cutting-edge facilities and community development sets a new standard for the industry.

Resumen en Español: 

Littelfuse, una destacada compañía de fabricación de componentes, ha inaugurado una nueva planta en Piedras Negras, Coahuila, México. Este movimiento estratégico refuerza el compromiso de Littelfuse con la satisfacción del cliente y la sostenibilidad. La nueva instalación, de 106,000 pies cuadrados, duplica la capacidad de fabricación local y presenta avanzados sistemas de automatización que garantizan precisión y eficiencia. Además, la planta incorpora procesos de tratamiento de agua y sistemas energéticamente eficientes, reduciendo su impacto ambiental. Con 1,000 empleados, la planta también promueve el desarrollo profesional y el apoyo comunitario.