Lisconn Launches State-of-the-Art Electronics Manufacturing Plant in Rosarito

In a significant move for the electronics manufacturing industry, Lisconn has commenced operations at its new manufacturing facility in Rosarito, with an investment exceeding $20 million. The inauguration ceremony witnessed the presence of Architect Cristina Hermosillo Ramos, President of Economic and Industrial Development of Tijuana (Deitac), who emphasized the industry’s burgeoning prospects in Baja California. The cutting-edge plant, set to generate 80 direct job opportunities initially, will specialize in producing components for sectors such as aerospace, medical devices, automotive, and electronics, utilizing cutting-edge technology sourced from Massachusetts Boston.

Lisconn emerges from the merger of three companies specializing in electronic component manufacturing, design and development services, interconnections, cabling, and engineering. With its maiden venture in Mexico, situated in the Lucio Blanco neighborhood of Rosarito, Lisconn aims to supply electronic products and harness assemblies to diverse industries, showcasing capabilities like designing and manufacturing components for 3D printers. Boasting over 30 years of expertise in the electronics sector, Lisconn operates nine manufacturing plants worldwide, employing over 6,000 electronic specialists. Architect Cristina Hermosillo underscored Baja California’s continued allure for investments, hinting at more industrial firm inaugurations in the pipeline. She emphasized the synergistic efforts among industrial promotion entities across municipalities, enhancing the region’s attractiveness for new enterprises.

Resumen en Español:

La firma Lisconn ha iniciado operaciones en su nueva planta de manufactura en Rosarito, con una inversión que supera los $20 millones. La inauguración contó con la presencia de la Arq. Cristina Hermosillo Ramos, Presidenta de Desarrollo Económico e Industrial de Tijuana, destacando el atractivo de Baja California para las empresas manufactureras globales. La planta de vanguardia se especializará en la fabricación de componentes para sectores como aeroespacial, dispositivos médicos, automotriz y electrónico. Lisconn, fruto de la fusión de tres empresas, busca abastecer productos electrónicos y ensambles a diversas industrias, mostrando capacidades como el diseño y fabricación de componentes para impresoras 3D. Hermosillo resaltó la continua atracción de Baja California para las inversiones industriales, anticipando más inauguraciones de firmas en el futuro cercano.