Kurtz Ersa Strengthens Global Production with New Facility in Mexico

Kurtz Ersa, a prominent machine builder in the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) industry, is making a substantial investment in Northern Mexico with the establishment of a new production facility in Ciudad Juárez (Chihuahua). This move reflects the company’s dedication to meeting the growing demands of the market while solidifying its position in the Americas.

The expansion will focus on manufacturing Ersa HOTFLOW reflow soldering systems, serving as a pre-production center for Kurtz’s US factory, and become Kurtz Ersa’s third-largest manufacturing site globally. Mexico’s strategic advantages, including its central location and access to strong local markets, combined with a highly educated and motivated workforce, make it an ideal choice for this significant development. This expansion is expected to benefit local customers with shorter delivery times, reduced freight costs, and a more sustainable approach to production, while also providing a competent support system for Kurtz Ersa’s customers in the region.

Operations are set to commence in spring 2024, adding Juárez as the third major service and logistics hub alongside existing centers in Plymouth (Wisconsin, USA) and Guadalajara (Mexico). With a successful know-how transfer from Europe to Mexico, Kurtz Ersa is ready to further thrive in the SMT industry while maintaining its high German quality standards at this modern state-of-the-art factory.