Juki Automation Systems to Launch New LX-8 High-Speed, Flexible Mounter at APEX 2023

Juki Automation Systems (JAS), Inc., a world-leading provider of automated assembly products and systems and subsidiary of Juki Corporation, announced plans to exhibit at the 2023 IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place Jan. 24-26, 2023 at the San Diego Convention Center in California. The company will launch the new LX-8 and demonstrate a range of equipment, including the RS-1R, RX-8, JM-50, iCube, RV-2 3DHL, G-Titan, Incoming Material Station and Autonomous Material Handling System in Booth #2700.

The LX-8 is Juki’s latest mounter that can be both a high-speed chipshooter, a flexible mounter, or a combination of both. It features the TAKUMI 8 nozzle placement head and the P-20 rotary head. The LX-8 can hold up to 160 feeders.

The RS-1R features the TAKUMI 8 nozzle placement head that automatically adjusts pick-and- placement height on-the-fly to optimize speed while offering a high degree of flexibility. Available RFID nozzles track the performance and maintenance of each individual nozzle by serial number.

Also on the placement side, JUKI’s RX-8 provides exceptional productivity in a compact footprint. The new P20 placement head achieves speeds of up to 100,000 CPH at only 998mm wide.

The JM-50 also utilizes Juki’s advanced TAKUMI placement head that automatically adjusts its height to provide the optimal speed and component handling at the same time. It can pick with up to four nozzles at the same time.

With the Incoming Material Station, operators can speed up registration of new reels, avoid mistakes and increase the traceability of each individual Unique ID.  The Autoincoming software automatically reads and imports information from the supplier and/or customers’ label and generates a Unique ID label that can be shared with pick and place machines and/or ERP software.

The RV-2-3DHL (3D AOI/SPI) high-speed and high-precision board inspection machine can be used for a wide variety of industries such as SMT, automotive, aerospace, medical, defense, consumer electronics, industrial and others. It features a 12 MPixel CMOS camera that allows achieving the highest throughput at 61.8cm²/secs inspection speed.

The G-Titan screen printer is equipped with industry-leading standard features usually adding thousands to comparable printers.  These features empower customers with the highest quality printing solution, a path to Industry 4.0, and “Lights-Out-Manufacturing” with its award-winning specifications. The printer features a new interface with a modern look and many standard features, including touchscreen LCD, stencil inspection, solder paste rolling diameter measurement, stencil lock, and automatic solder paste dispense (500g jar).  

Juki’s Autonomous Material Handling System, building on their highly popular Intelligent Storage Systems, consists of the ISM3600 Ultra Flex Intelligent Storage System, the ISM3900 Ultra Flex expansion module, the Multi Interface Module, the External Elevator Module and an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) designed to work as one unit. The complete package provides the unique ability to automatically store, retrieve, deliver and return components throughout the factory.