IPC’s Unique Training Collaboration Revolutionizes Electronics Manufacturing in Mexico

With a substantial workforce of over 3,000 employees across plants in Tijuana and Guadalajara, Mexico, Benchmark Electronics stands as a testament to the evolving dynamics of the electronics manufacturing industry. In a groundbreaking partnership with IPC, the company embarked on a transformative pilot program, exemplifying the synergy between training, cost-efficiency, and knowledge elevation.

In a candid interview, Elizabeth Magana, Regional HR Director for Benchmark, Lorena Villanueva, IPC Director of Mexico, unravel the details of this trailblazing initiative and its profound impact on electronics manufacturing training.

Benchmark’s Mexican journey spans two decades, marked by the production of high-reliability products for diverse sectors including industrial, defense, and commercial aerospace. Assembling complex systems like large-scale integrations, system builds, PCB assemblies, and cable harnesses, Benchmark serves as a linchpin in Mexico’s electronics manufacturing landscape.

Magana paints the canvas of Benchmark’s training landscape, highlighting a robust program covering not only production techniques but also encompassing organizational values and procedures. However, the convergence with IPC’s training programs, catalyzed by Lisa Weeks, former IPC board member and Benchmark executive, revealed uncharted avenues of improvement.

Recognizing gaps in IPC awareness and the intricate interplay between engineering and assembly teams, Benchmark aimed to enhance their personnel’s skills through IPC’s Electronics Assembly for Operators (EAO) and Electronics Assembly for Engineers (EAE) programs. Notably, these courses were meticulously designed and endorsed by the industry, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

Lorena Villanueva underscores the significance of tailored training, particularly for operators who might not be bilingual. The courses, presented in Spanish, empowered Benchmark’s workforce to progress at their own pace, utilizing online modules facilitated by the company’s resources. This forward-looking approach not only streamlined learning but also tackled the challenge of bilingualism.

In essence, Benchmark Electronics’ transformative partnership with IPC illuminates a path where training convergence meets operational excellence. The case study of this collaboration becomes a beacon for the electronics manufacturing sector, epitomizing the power of strategic training in fostering a skilled and competitive workforce.

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