Guadalajara’s Industrial Space Rental Prices Surge by 26%: A Sign of Growing Demand

In a recent development, the demand for industrial spaces in Guadalajara has spiked significantly, leading to a notable 26% yearly increase in rental prices. The cost has settled at $5.9 per square meter (m²) per month, underscoring the city’s emergence as a thriving hub for manufacturing and logistics companies.

According to data from Solili, a reputable real estate information agency, the past month witnessed an impressive demand for industrial spaces, totaling a substantial 48,000 m². This figure closely rivals the demand observed in Mexico City, spotlighting Guadalajara’s growing significance in the industrial sector. It’s worth noting that this demand has outpaced the figures reported in the previous quarter, making up almost half of the total demand recorded in Q1 2023. Notably, the availability of such spaces hovers around the 1.7% mark, indicating a competitive landscape.

This upsurge in demand is fueled by Guadalajara’s ability to attract manufacturing and logistics companies over the past two years. This trend has a cascading effect, encouraging other businesses and developers to establish their operations in the city. Geographically, Solili points out that a significant 80% of ongoing industrial construction is concentrated along the El Salto corridor.

However, beyond these sectors, the city’s industrial market has the potential to lure technology and innovation companies as well, acting as a catalyst for further growth and diversification.

In a noteworthy highlight, Jalisco has demonstrated its leadership in Foreign Direct Investment during Q1 2023, securing an impressive $368.9 million. With these promising figures, Guadalajara is poised for substantial growth in 2024, solidifying its status as a rapidly expanding industrial hub.

Source: Solili Real Estate Information Agency.

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