GPV Electronics Expands Operations in Mexico, Focusing on Customer Needs and Sustainability

GPV Electronics, a leading electronic contract manufacturing company, recently held its annual Site Engagement Meeting in Guadalajara, Mexico, to discuss the company’s progress and future plans in the Americas. During the meeting, the local management team highlighted their achievements and shared exciting updates.

One of the key discussions centered around the positive economic outlook in Mexico and how GPV Electronics aims to meet customer demands in this promising environment. As part of their expansion strategy, the company plans to increase the factory size from 6,900 sqm to 8,800 sqm by the end of 2023. This expansion will facilitate enhanced production capacity and improved customer service.

In addition to expansion plans, GPV Electronics emphasized their commitment to sustainability and reducing inventory levels. The company aims to optimize its operations to minimize waste and environmental impact while maintaining high-quality manufacturing standards.

The meeting also touched upon quarterly objectives and upcoming projects, highlighting the company’s dedication to delivering consistent results for their customers. With two surface mount technology (SMT) lines and strong capabilities in new product introduction (NPI) and assembly, GPV Electronics MX remains well-positioned to meet the diverse needs of the electronic manufacturing industry.