Göpel Rolls Out MultiEyeS Plus AOI

Göpel’s MultiEyeS Plus AOI now features an intelligent assistance function for THT placement.

Features a 47MP image acquisition unit equipped with a flexible LED lighting system to provide very high image quality and detail resolution with an inspection area of up to 650mm x 550mm. Is able to reliably verify the presence, position and color of THT components, read labeled or laser-edged 2D codes and barcodes, as well as recognize text. Integrates a powerful laser projection into the AOI module for the assistance function, which makes it possible to intuitively support the manual placement process by displaying placement information directly in the operator’s field of vision, and is able to display faults detected during placement directly on the PCB.

More about the MultiEyeS Plus AOI by Göpel

The MultiEyeS Technology

  • inspection area: 650 mm x 550 mm
  • 47 megapixel image capturing unit
  • flexible LED illumination system
  • wear and maintenance-free

Unmatched Test Speed

  • inspection speed of up to 800 cm²/s
  • detection of the entire UUT by a single snap

Laser projection unit – the assistance with THT assembly

  • Full HD DLP laser projection unit as head up display
  • projecting information into the operator’s field of view
  • user-guided display of the placement positions during the assembly process
  • display of defects detected by the AOI directly on the PCB

Inspection scope

  • presence of components
  • correct positioning of components and connectors
  • polarity
  • OCR
  • position and defect detection
  • check for completeness


  • outstanding ease of use with the system software PILOT AOI
  • highest fault detection through different inspection methods as well as individually expandable inspection functions and library entries
  • maximum inspection reliability through verification of the inspection depth and monitoring of defect detection

Source: https://www.goepel.com/en/inspection-solutions/aoi/tht-inspection/aoi-module-for-tht-assembly-processes