Foxconn Leads the Way in Nearshoring to Mexico

Foxconn Expands Operations in Mexico to Leverage Nearshoring Benefits

CIUDAD JUÁREZ, Chihuahua, Mexico – Foxconn, the world’s largest electronics manufacturer, has significantly expanded its operations in Mexico, exemplifying the trend of nearshoring. With 30,000 employees across seven campuses in Juarez, Tijuana, Guadalajara, and Chihuahua City, Foxconn is capitalizing on its proximity to the U.S. market to manufacture products such as desktop computers, servers, and electric vehicle components.

Foxconn’s Juarez plant, which employs 2,500 people, includes a “War Room” for strategic planning and a temple honoring the Earth God, reflecting the blend of Taiwanese and Mexican cultures. This nearshoring approach, involving significant investments like the $500 million in Chihuahua, aims to reduce supply-chain risks and production costs while staying close to U.S. consumers.

The company has adapted to cultural differences, encouraging more dialogue with Mexican workers compared to the stricter management styles in Asia. This cultural sensitivity has helped Foxconn integrate smoothly into the local workforce, which benefits from bonuses, low-cost meals, and various employee services.

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Foxconn, el mayor fabricante de electrónicos del mundo, ha expandido significativamente sus operaciones en México, ejemplificando la tendencia del nearshoring. Con 30,000 empleados en siete campus, Foxconn aprovecha su proximidad al mercado estadounidense para fabricar productos como computadoras de escritorio y componentes para vehículos eléctricos. La empresa ha invertido $500 millones en Chihuahua y ha adaptado sus prácticas para alinearse con la cultura laboral mexicana, fomentando el diálogo y ofreciendo beneficios a sus empleados.