Europlacer Presents New Range of iineo SMT Placement Machines.

For more than 15 years, the Europlacer iineo placement machines have made their mark on the SMT industry with unique features and unrivalled flexibility. Today, Europlacer announces the launch of the second generation iineo.

The new iineo single-head and dual-head machines have been renamed ii-N1 and ii-N2. The hyper-flexible Tornado turret heads have been modernized and are still available with 8 or 12 nozzles.

While ii-N1 is the best in class for prototyping and short production runs, ii-N2 is the perfect compromise between speed and flexibility for high-mix production. The ii-N1 and ii-N2 can be operated at placement rates of 15,000cph and 30,000cph respectively.

While some of the features that made the iineo a success have been retained, such as the very high on-machine reel capacity of 264 x 8 mm feeders plus 10 Jedec trays for ii-N1, a number of hardware and software improvements have been made.

One significant innovation is the intelligent conveyor. The boards no longer stop at a simple mechanical stop. Thanks to a set of infrared beams along the length of the conveyor, the PCBs can be halted in the most appropriate position to shorten the movements of the placement head, thereby optimizing throughput. Both machines also feature automatic motorized rail width adjustment as standard.

Machine performance is also supported by a redesigned machine vision system featuring very high-resolution ‘on-the-fly’ cameras, mounted both on the turret heads and on the machine frame as a fixed upward-facing camera for large components. Anticipating the miniaturization of components, the iineo range is capable of placing components ranging from 03015 metric to 99mm x 99mm in size and 34mm in height with a weight of up to 300g.

For the twin-head ii-N2 machine, in the interests of productivity with PCBs that feature repeating patterns, only the camera on head 1 validates all the test patterns for each board, freeing up head 2 to only read the test patterns on the technical borders. This saves valuable production time.

Another key feature developed by Europlacer’s design department is Adaptive Auto Sequencing (AAS). As well as setting placement priorities to configure a sequence that maximizes productivity, AAS takes into account component footprints, nozzle profiles, PCB characteristics and turret head trajectory calculations to avoid collisions. The two new machines also deploy Europlacer’s proprietary 3DPS© technology, which adjusts the Z-axis displacement of each nozzle in real time to compensate for any deformation of the board, thereby limiting the need for anti-bending pins.

The new iineo generation is equipped with the latest ii-RC 5.17 operating software, which itself includes a host of new features, including an SQL database. This is strengthened by the integration of Siemens’ Valor software, fitted as standard on our remote programming stations.

Europlacer’s ii-Tab tablet not only becomes the operator’s mobile dashboard but also replaces the micro-terminal as the feeder and reel programming tool. The ii-Tab brings together a number of functions, including the Pick List, which can now be used to reserve reels and automatically allocate them to a production order. Similarly, thanks to the Stock Management software, the list of components can be sent directly to the storage towers or mobile shelves at the line’s edge for automatic delivery of the reels. A total of 10 applications are available on the ii-Tab: a true ecosystem at the center of productivity.

As Europlacer is a key contributor to the IPC CFX standards, the ii-N1 and ii-N2 are of course CFX/IPC certified. This enables the collection of production data while facilitating connectivity between Europlacer machines and any other CFX/IPC-compatible equipment in a production line.

Integrated CFX, coupled with a tool for analyzing the data collected, guarantees a greater understanding of production in order to better anticipate and manage flows, materials and component stocks, and better understand the traceability of boards produced and components consumed.

This tracking also covers undesirable events that occur during production and are often invisible to operators.

Europlacer has designed its ecosystem around CFX because optimizing its industrial facilities requires both continuous observation of production performance data and the management of component stocks in connected cabinets and shelves, all linked to the factory’s ERP and/or MES.

With ii-N1 and ii-N2, Europlacer plans to open the door to the industry of the future for its customers.

Resumen en Español: 

Durante más de 15 años, las máquinas de colocación iineo de Europlacer han destacado en la industria SMT por sus características únicas y su flexibilidad incomparable. Europlacer ha anunciado el lanzamiento de la segunda generación de iineo, ahora denominadas ii-N1 y ii-N2. Las torret Tornado, altamente flexibles, han sido modernizadas y siguen estando disponibles con 8 o 12 boquillas. La ii-N1 es ideal para prototipos y producciones cortas, mientras que la ii-N2 equilibra velocidad y flexibilidad para producciones de alta mezcla. Una innovación significativa es el transportador inteligente que utiliza haces infrarrojos para optimizar la posición de las placas, mejorando el rendimiento. Ambas máquinas incluyen un sistema de visión mejorado y la tecnología 3DPS©, que ajusta el desplazamiento del eje Z en tiempo real para compensar cualquier deformación de la placa, reduciendo así la necesidad de pines anti-deformación.