Empowering Women in Electronics Manufacturing: Women’s IPC Day 2024 in Ciudad Juárez

In honor of International Women’s Day, the inaugural “Women’s IPC Day 2024” took place in Ciudad Juárez on Wednesday, aimed at fostering technological development, training, and entrepreneurship among women.

Organized by Netsmx, the event marked the first time it occurred globally and specifically in Ciudad Juárez, focusing on encouraging women’s participation in electronic manufacturing.

Adrián Nájera, CEO of Netsmx, highlighted that 20 scholarships were granted through Cenaltec and Netsmx to high school, technical, or engineering students, as well as women seeking training in these fields.

The event also featured the Global Forum on Women’s Development in the Electronic Assembly and Cable Harness Industry, with participation from prominent figures such as Lorena Villanueva, director-general of IPC Mexico, and Angelica López, director of Expo Wiretech.

Lorena Villanueva emphasized that Ciudad Juárez was selected for its international industry relevance, marking the first of its kind event in the region.

In a statement, Óscar Ibáñez Hernández, representing the governor in Juárez, underscored the city’s crucial role in global manufacturing, particularly in electronic component production, stressing the significance of female empowerment in meeting industry standards and advancing technological innovations.

He applauded the increasing presence of women in traditionally male-dominated fields and expressed delight in hosting such a pivotal event in Ciudad Juárez, acknowledging the city’s evolving landscape in electronics manufacturing.

Resumen en Español: En honor al Día Internacional de la Mujer, se llevó a cabo el primer “Women’s IPC Day 2024” en Ciudad Juárez, enfocado en el desarrollo tecnológico, la capacitación y el emprendimiento femenino en la manufactura electrónica. Adrián Nájera, director ejecutivo de Netsmx, destacó la concesión de 20 becas para estudiantes y mujeres interesadas en capacitarse en estas áreas. El evento contó con la participación de destacadas figuras como Lorena Villanueva, directora general de IPC México, y Angelica López, directora de Expo Wiretech. Óscar Ibáñez Hernández, representante del gobierno en Juárez, elogió el papel crucial de la ciudad en la producción de componentes electrónicos a nivel mundial y celebró la creciente presencia femenina en la industria.