Driving Growth and Opportunities: Commercial Vehicle Group’s Automotive Plant Inauguration in Chihuahua

Commercial Vehicle Group (CVG), a leading American company specializing in automotive manufacturing, has established a new plant in Aldama, Chihuahua, with a remarkable investment of over $10 million. This facility will be pivotal in producing electric systems, moldings, seating systems, wipers, plastic products, and electric vehicles for diverse industries.

The inauguration of this state-of-the-art plant brings a promising surge in employment opportunities. Over the course of 2023 and 2024, CVG plans to create a total of 1,700 jobs, with 300 positions available by the end of 2023 and an additional 1,400 positions set to open by mid-2024. Looking ahead, a second phase of expansion in 2025 has the potential to add 1,000 more positions to the workforce.

For Rich Tajer, CVG’s Chief Commercial Officer, Aldama emerges as an ideal location for the company’s growth. The region provides the potential for forming a robust and collaborative team, essential in propelling the organization forward.

David Hernández, Vice President of Operations in Mexico and Global Vice President of Electrics, expressed the company’s commitment to Chihuahua and Mexico as a whole. Currently, more than 40% of CVG’s global workforce operates in Mexico, making the new facility a testament to the company’s dedication to the country.

The plant’s inauguration in late October 2022 marks a significant milestone for both CVG and the local community of Aldama. María Angélica Granados, head of the Secretariat of Innovation and Economic Development, hailed this event as a gateway to present and future opportunities. She believes that the plant will not only create professional growth prospects for the locals but also have a multiplier effect on the local economy by stimulating other businesses and expanding services.

To further empower the inhabitants of Aldama, the government will collaborate with state training institutions, including CENALTEC and INADET, to provide relevant training, enabling them to seamlessly integrate into companies like CVG.

The proximity of the plant to the local workforce ensures reduced commute times, allowing employees to devote more time to their work and personal growth. Moreover, the government is committed to assisting suppliers in joining CVG’s value chain, offering support in financing, certification, and training.

The CVG plant’s inauguration in Chihuahua marks a turning point, creating a world of opportunities for both the company and the region, while bolstering Mexico’s position in the global automotive manufacturing landscape.

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