Continental Starts Operations of AutoStore, Its New Intelligent Warehouse

Continental, the vehicle technology company, announced the start of operations of its new AutoStore, which is an Intelligent Warehouse that will be used to improve the efficiency of the Periférico Guadalajara Plant.

AutoStore is an integrated material storage and distribution system that features various robots, grids, receivers, ports, and state-of-the-art controllers, making it unique in the Americas.

High-Capacity Storage

Thanks to its configuration, AutoStore achieves ultra-dense storage, increasing its capacity up to four times compared to manual warehouses. This system can meet rapidly growing demand through its automated and highly flexible system, allowing for reduced space within the plant.

This warehouse system measures 31 by 28 meters, equivalent to 7,000 cubic meters of storage. This space required an investment of 3 million euros for the Periférico Guadalajara Plant, which began operations in 2002.

Connected Technology

AutoStore is an intelligent, integrated system that combines 8 robots working on guides and grids, managed autonomously by highly specialized software offering rapid and agile flow at all times, accounting for 99.7% global activity.

“This system allows us as a plant to make extreme use of production floor space, achieve various savings, and increase efficiency in material handling; all of this greatly helps us to continue delivering the highest quality products to our customers and meeting delivery times,” said Sergio Marquez Oriza, General Manager of the Continental Periférico Plant.

Meanwhile, Marco Galluzzi, Focus Country Head for Mexico, commented: “Despite the challenging situation in the industry, we must continue to make room for innovation and the optimization of all our operations in Mexico. This AutoStore is an example of how Continental continues to prepare and obtain innovative and cutting-edge tools to continue building the future of mobility from Mexico.”

Resumen en Español:

Continental ha iniciado las operaciones de AutoStore, su nuevo almacén inteligente, en la Planta Periférico ubicada en la Zona Metropolitana de Guadalajara. AutoStore es un sistema de almacenamiento y distribución de materiales que utiliza robots y tecnología avanzada para aumentar la eficiencia. Este sistema puede aumentar la capacidad de almacenamiento hasta cuatro veces en comparación con almacenes manuales. La instalación del AutoStore requirió una inversión de 3 millones de euros y ocupa un espacio de 31 por 28 metros. Este avance permitirá a Continental mejorar la utilización del espacio, ahorrar costos y aumentar la eficiencia en la planta.