Bosch Celebrates a Decade of Technological Leadership in Guadalajara, Mexico

Bosch marks a decade since it envisioned Mexico not just as an attractive manufacturing location but as a hub for engineering development. What started with a modest team of 14 employees has blossomed into a technological ecosystem in Guadalajara, often likened to Silicon Valley.

Over the years, Bosch’s presence in Guadalajara has significantly grown, focusing on software development, digitalization, and various services for both local and regional operations. Despite ample opportunities in the job market, over 1,200 individuals, 80% of whom hold engineering degrees, have realized their dreams of working at Bosch.

One division garnering attention among STEM graduates is Bosch Global Software Technologies (BGSW), operating from this development center, designing hardware, embedded software, and security systems for the automotive industry, along with cloud-connecting software for Bosch’s appliances and a myriad of other products. BGSW engineering centers span across India, Vietnam, Poland, and Mexico, catering to Bosch’s global network and clientele.

Globally, Bosch employs 84,800 individuals in research and development, with over 44,000 dedicated to software engineering. Guadalajara stands out for its specialized talent in software development, information technology (IT), mechatronics, and engineering.

Roger Eleutheri, Vice President of Bosch Mexico and head of Bosch Guadalajara, attributes Bosch’s success in STEM talent attraction to the company’s support, benefits, and its global focus on values, sustainability, and the wide array of fields where Bosch’s technology finds application.

As part of Bosch’s 10th anniversary celebration in Jalisco, governmental authorities, academia members, industry representatives, and diplomats convened to commemorate the milestone and engage in discussions about technological trends, perspectives, and collaboration.

“Through strategic alliances, Bosch has translated intangible concepts into tangible realities. The utilization of software and digitalization in mobility and every facet of life brings tangible benefits to all. We are delighted to mark a decade in Guadalajara, but above all, we are thrilled to innovate for your life,” remarked Alexander Firsching, President of Bosch Mexico.

Resumen en Español:

Bosch celebra una década de liderazgo tecnológico en Guadalajara, México, marcando un hito en el desarrollo de ingeniería y software en la región. Con más de 1,200 empleados y una destacada división de tecnología global, Bosch ha atraído talento STEM y se ha convertido en un actor clave en la escena tecnológica de Guadalajara. El evento conmemorativo reunió a autoridades gubernamentales, académicos, representantes de la industria y diplomáticos para celebrar los logros y discutir el futuro de la innovación tecnológica en la región.