Benefits of the IMMEX Program

The main benefit of the IMMEX program is the ability to defer taxes on goods that are temporarily imported into Mexico and the ability to merge import declarations. In addition, companies can access the PROSEC program (Sectoral Promotional Program) to reduce or possibly eliminate import duties for goods and materials that are imported temporarily or definitively depending on the industry or services they provide. Key benefits available to IMMEX participants include:

  • Avoid paying the General Import Tax in Mexico (IGI, Arancel-Ad-valorem) which varies by industry and goods/materials
  • Avoid the payment of VAT which is typically 15% of the import value or 10% for cities that border the United States
  • Avoid the payment of compensatory quotas, which are duties applied to products protected by Mexico’s government (i.e. anti-dumping)
  • Reduce Customs fee (DTA) from 8% to 1.76% of the value for machinery and a flat fixed fee of 179.00 pesos for goods
  • Avoid payment of taxes in domestic purchases (which will be incorporated to the goods exported)
  • Ability to create virtual pediments (also known as import/export declarations) between companies registered in the IMMEX program
  • Ability to create consolidated Import pediments
  • Receive a VAT refund when a company has a positive balance in its declarations, typically within a term of 20 days according to the law
  • Ability to use Sectorial Benefits Program (PROSEC) which allows the import of machinery, equipment and spare parts by services companies
  • Automatic inscription in the National Importers registry without performing the petition